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Bark at the Wind, but the Wind Doesn't Answer

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Birthdate:Apr 17
Location:Indiana, United States of America

Discovered in the back seat of a '65 Mustang, ELD is known for being a dabbler in far too many things and an expert in absolutely nothing at all. She's working on far too many FMA fanfics rather than writing about her own original characters.

Her family consists of a trio of evil little dogs known as Pewter, Rogue Marie and Vinnie, various talking Stitch toys, a growing collection of FMA paraphenalia and the oddball characters who occupy her brain for long stretches of time. There are actual, real people in the family, too, but she doesn't talk about them as much.

Easily amused and/or distracted ("Oh look! A chicken!"), she can usually be found perusing eBay, editing stories written by cornerofmadness, reading manga or wandering around with a clipboard, talking out-loud to herself and writing down the conversation. ELD is not normally considered dangerous but can be habit-forming. For external use only, unless the idea really gets stuck in your head (you know, like that stupid Bunny Foo Foo song).

Recommended writers include a2zmom, cornerofmadness, leni_ba, lyricnonsensemjules, silvrethorn, tinhutlady and anyone listed under "Story Recs" in Memories.

If you're still here, you can always leave a comment. She'll probably be highly amused and giggle.

ed win by lyricnonsenseby lyricnonsense

Edward/Winry is "ZOMG! Ed's taller than Winry now!!" love by teniente_ross

a la quirky_quiddity

Edward Elric is dangerously angry when called short love
Made by: ceruleansan @ caffeine_icons

Winry Rockbell is going to throw wrench at you love
Made by: ceruleansan @ caffeine_icons

Edward Elric x Winry Rockbell is getting more canon by the chapter love
Made by: ceruleansan @ caffeine_icons

Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, & Winry Rockbell are the real golden trio
and yummy childhood best friends threesome

Made by: ceruleansan @ caffeine_icons

Made by: albel

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